~Review~ Fetish Fair by Erzabet Bishop


FetishFair Title: Fetish Fair
 Author:  Erzabet Bishop
 Publisher: SilkWords, LLC
 Source: NetGalley
 Format: EBook, ~106 pages

Kari’s BFF tricks her into attending a fetish expo, promptly losing her as they arrive. She can find her friend or maybe, just maybe find the secret to her own heart’s desires? Only a choice can open the door. If she dares.

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Review: The whole idea of an erotic Choose Your Own Adventure story catered to women still intrigued me. So I decided to give this one a shot also.

The story being, an aspiring bdsm writer gets tricked by her best friend to go to a fetish fair, where the creator of one of her favorite works of erotica would happen to be there giving a panel and signing. There’s certainly more plot to this CYOA erotica, and I enjoyed that. And with more plot, there were more scenes!

The story and characters are relatable, and you get to learn a bit about the world of fetish and bdsm, especially if you’re new to it, but for anyone that this is old hat, it’s at least nice seeing it done right in explaining, unlike that ‘shades’ book. There’s actually a few branches for this one, so it was nice to see which way to go each time, and like the other one I reviewed, we got the option of the main character experiencing scenes with both men and women. And even got to try a bit of both sides of submission and domination. There is certainly something for everyone, and I had a favorite ending in this one, that had more to do with story than the smut.

It’s because of the variety of scenarios, and length, that I give this an extra star. The smut scenes are pretty cut and dry, even with the added element of fetish/bdsm. It’ll be good for readers who never ventured into that kind of erotica, but for me wasn’t anything that stood out. So far, the favorite of Silkwords’ CYOA stories I’ve read.

Thanks again to SilkWords & Netgalley for giving me a chance to read this and review!

Cover: For being a photo cover, I thought it was done rather well. It’s simple and to the point, and not over the top sexy. It’s pretty basic, and works for the story.

Rating:Five Stars

Check it out on GoodReads!

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