~Review~ Are You My Brown Bear? by Harriet Ziefert & Christina O’Donovan


mioso Title: Are You My Brown Bear? / Eres Mi Oso Pardo?
 Author: Harriet Ziefert
Artist: Christina O’Donovan

 Publisher: Blue Apple Books
 Source: Edelweiss
 Format: EBook, ~28 pages

A little girl wants to know: Are you my brown bear?

In a series of endearing illustrations, each bear explains why he isn’t quite the one she’s seeking. He might be a white bear (el oso blanco), a black bear (el oso negro), or a bear that’s too hairy, or scary. With rhymes, repetition, adjectives, and a simple, effective question and response dynamic, kids will pick up a plethora of language as they turn the pages, eager to see if the next bear will be the bear. Which is her . . . teddy bear? / ¿osito de peluche?

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Review: The prose is very simple, question and answer, usually quantifying the type of bear you see on the screen. It’s cute and to the point and of course by the end I smiled.

I really liked the art style, it’s a bit messy but still detailed in it’s way, making every bear distinctive and interesting. I would love to see more in this style.

My biggest complaint though is of the Spanish translation. I’m not sure which dialect of Spanish this is, but at least coming from a Central American background, there were a lot of words that didn’t make sense or for my family at least, were the wrong words. I wish they’d print out what kind of Spanish this was because this certainly wouldn’t be a book I’d use to teach my niece or nephews Spanish.

I’d like to thank the publisher via Edelweiss for allowing me a digital ARC of this.

Cover: The cover is cute and made me curious to what was in side. Wasn’t sure if the Bear was asking or the butterfly.

Rating:Three Stars

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