~Review~ Grimm, Volume 1: The Coins of Zakynthos

grimm01 Title: Grimm, Volume 1: The Coins of Zakynthos
 Authors: David Greenwalt, Jim Kouf, Marc Gaffen, Kyle McVey
 Artist: Jose Malaga

 Publisher: Dynamite Entertainment
 Source: Amazon
 Format: Digital, ~112 pages

Never-before-told stories, set in the world of the acclaimed NBC series, Grimm, by the show creators themselves! Homicide Detective Nick Burkhardt, joined by his mother Kelly, Hank, and Monroe, uncover family secrets long buried during their adventure in Europe. Hunted by Verrat soldiers, their quest to destroy the Coins of Zakynthos reveals dark secrets and promises death for a member of the cast! 

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Review: Like most people, I’m usually pretty skeptical about media tie ins, since most of the time, they’re poorly rendered fanfic. Overall, this wasn’t too bad.

The art overall, isn’t too bad, having seen much worse in other publisher franchise adaptations, but I agree with another reviewer that Nick looks pretty generic, which is a shame as David Giuntoli is pretty sexy for a comic book character.

I would say the series is set between season two and three, if we were to stick it with canon, even if in the beginning of season three once Nick’s back to himself, in a way, he’s in search of his mother. So there are some minor spoilery stuff, if you’re new to the show. They do a decent job of ‘reintroducing’ most of the Grimm world for people who haven’t watched recently or haven’t watched at all, so I don’t think there’d be any confusion for those who’d never seen an episode.

It starts off typical to the shows, with a seemingly normal event turned to GRIMMsome murder, and soon Nick and Hank are on the scene. It is a great parallel and foreshadow, in ways, to the upcoming wedding of Monroe and Rosalie. What I really like, is like the show, it doesn’t stick to just Nick and the Monster of the Week’s viewpoints. We get some good insight to Nick’s mother, and get to see her kick some more ass as a Grimm. This all leads up to the overarching plot of the volume, which are some supernatural coins that first appeared in season one, the reason why Nick’s mother left at the finale. Which takes not only Nick to Europe, but he brings along Hank and Monroe, as they believe Nick’s mother’s in danger.

I enjoyed the story overall, same dry humor we get on the show, and interesting background to the world. We even get to meet a new Grimm, a woman, and learn about how other Grimm families fared. She has a near typical tragic backstory, and is obviously the ‘femme fatale’ for the series, giving some unnecessary and trite ‘sexual tension’ between her and Nick. Which bothered me enough considering she was an interesting character on her own right, and smart too. Nice little twist at the end.

While it didn’t lead me to wanting the next volume ‘right this minute’, I do plan to read it and look forward to continuing comic adventures of the GRIMM family.


Cover: For the volume cover, they went with a photo and doctored it up nicely, just in case the casual comic book shop customer hadn’t a clue that Grimm was a TV show. It’s a lovely cover though, and happy that it features Nick’s police partner, Hank. From the cover gallery at the end of this volume, there were a couple other good images they could’ve used, but of the ‘photo exclusive’ this one was the best.

Rating:Three Stars

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