~Review~ Room for Bear by Ciara Gavin


roombear Title: Room for Bear
 Author/Artist:  Ciara Gavin
 Publisher: Knopf Book
 Source: Edelweiss
 Format: EBook, ~32 pages

When Bear wakes up one spring, he goes in search of a new home. And he thinks he’s found the perfect place. Unfortunately, things are a bit . . . snug.

Can five little ducks find room for one big bear in their home—and in their hearts? Ciara Gavin’s luminous picture-book debut explores the unconditional love of families in all their colors, shapes, and sizes.

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Review: So I have a soft spot for bears, in fact my whole family does. We have plenty of teddy bears and bear memorabilia. Just, how can you not love bears?

It’s a cute and straightforward story, doesn’t go into details on the how or why of certain things, which for an adult can be a bit confusing, but obviously is completely fine for a little kid. It is sweet, and the message is endearing, alluding to different kinds of families and peoples in families and how it may not seem to work but when it does, it’s perfect.

The artwork is very lovely, the watercolors give it a lovely and peaceful feeling. There was something a bit off about how the animals were drawn, but it’s probably just me being nitpicky about anthropomorphic characters. It’s certainly not a detraction, and there’s lots of little details that make you want to really pour over each page to see the whole picture. I would certainly recommend at least checking it out if not buying it when it does come out.

I’d like to thank the publisher via Edelweiss for allowing me a digital ARC of this.

Cover: The cover certainly grabbed me, as it’s whimsical and makes you want to know more. The gist of the book is that Bear is looking for a new home and tries to move in with a family ducks though there’s some unforeseen consequences.

Rating:Four Stars

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