~Review~ Wood for Sheep: The Unauthorized Settlers Cookbook


woodforsheep  Title: Wood for Sheep: The Unauthorized Settlers Cookbook 
 Author: Chris-Rachael Oseland
 Publisher: Create Space
 Source: Amazon
 Format: SoftCover, ~102 pages

Real geeks don’t order pizza. It’s not that we don’t want to. It’s that we can’t. Get five geeks together and three of them will have some kind of dietary restrictions.

That’s no reason to give up on dinner and gaming with your friends.

In addition to hextastic homages to everyone’s favorite board game, this cookbook includes over 100 recipes tailored to fit nearly any diet. There are over 80 recipes for vegetarians, more than 60 for people with Celiac disease or gluten intolerance, 50 for people with milk allergies or lactose intolerance, over 30 for vegans and nearly 30 for low carb primal dieters. If that’s not nerdy enough for you, nearly all the recipes are also both kosher and halal.

Get your friends together for a game night. No matter how weird they are, you really can have them all under one roof for one meal while you play one game.

The recipes are split into two sections. The first half of the book is loaded with full scale, highly configurable, edible maps designed for nearly any gaming situation. The second half pays homage to Building Cost cards with recipes chock full of sheep and grain plus creative interpretations of wood, brick, and ore.

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Review: For anyone who’s ever played or watched people play Settlers of Catan, you’ll easily understand the reference in the title of this charming and geeky cookbook. And it offers ideas for a variety of dietary allergies/restrictions which I haven’t seen in a general cookbook before. A lot of the themed ‘boards’ are simple and easy to make (like do it yourself taco board, or a board of waffle toppings and sides), and they have suggestions to cater to different aspects of the game, and not just the ‘resources’. Some others are a little more involved like the ‘make your own spaghetti board’ or ‘Thanksgiving board’ but shouldn’t take long to make and set up. Honestly, I’d think the hardest would be to find adequate space for your food board, and it looks to be a great party idea. Definitely a must have for your boardgame geeky friends who love to cook.

Buying it via Amazon and bundling it with the plastic dishes, was the best deal by far, even though I first saw this book via Thinkgeek. However, the physical quality of the book was lacking, and I wondered if it was a print to order thing. It was flimsy with simple glue binding and a lackluster color sheen on the cover. It certainly didn’t look as professional as most cookbooks, in typesetting and paper quality. Doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get it, just be aware of that.

Cover: For anyone that’s played at least one, long, game of Catan, should be able to recognize the layout of the food rather easily. It’s a nice image, showing just how the food could be utilized, backed by a background of generic wood and sheep’s wool. It’s pretty straightforward and certainly would grab my attention on a shelf. Though, the coloring on the cover doesn’t quite make the food look appetizing.

Rating:Four Stars

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