~Review~ The Harem Club by Jane Nin


haremclub Title: The Harem Club
 Author:  Jane Nin
 Publisher: SilkWords, LLC
 Source: NetGalley
 Format: EBook, ~52 pages

Married young, recently divorced, she thinks she’s ready to get back in the game. But when she receives an invitation to an exclusive, adults-only club, she wonders is she ready for this?

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Review: Thank you to SilkWords & Netgalley for giving me a chance to read this and review!

When I saw that there was a few adult choose your own adventure stories, catered to women, well, I couldn’t help myself. Wouldn’t hurt to check out and read, right?

I didn’t realize how short these stories would be, given that there were multiple outcomes. This one, about a recently divorced woman being invited to a fetish club, was way shorter than I hoped. Even for one night at the club, I expected more sexy scenarios.

The writing isn’t bad, you get a feel for the main character, and it has an easy going vibe. You have a few options in the story, going for either a completely hetero outcome, or more of a bisexual encounter which I liked. The sex scenes were sensual and steamy, though not completely explicit. When a particular story line ended, it definitely ended in a tease.

There wasn’t as much fetish as I had expected for a story labeled “Harem Club”, but it wasn’t quite completely vanilla, with some role-playing, and sexual ‘punishment’. I could easily see this being a series, hopefully with scenarios becoming more steamy than this.

The third star though, is really for the ingenuity of making a CYOA erotica.

2018 Edit/Addon: The Harem club definitely had a Persian/Sultan theme/vibe going on, so not sure exactly how culturally appropriate it was, or if fetishizing. I read this story a few years ago, and no longer have access to the file, but wanted to give a heads up.

Cover: I really enjoyed the cover. Loved that it’s illustrated and mainly features the two main women in this. It does tease more than what I think the book actually had, but still a great cover.

Rating:Three Stars

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