~Review~ Do Super Heroes Have Teddy Bears? by Carmela LaVigna Coyle & Mike Gordon


superteddy Title: Do Super Heroes Have Teddy Bears?
 Author: Carmela LaVigna Coyle
Mike Gordon 

 Publisher: Taylor Trade
 Source: Edelweiss
 Format: EBook, ~32 pages

Follow along as two ragtag, everyday super heroes don capes to play in the mud, save their stuffed animals from certain peril, conquer the vegetables at dinner, and overcome darkness at night. Are super heroes always brave and daring? We’re brave and bold and kind and caring.

After five successful books in the “Princesses” series, Carmela LaVigna Coyle now turns her attention to an all new childhood fantasy in this wonderful new story about imagination and play. Every little boy and girl has a super hero somewhere inside just waiting to come out. Tie on your cape (blankies recommended) and join the adventure. P.S. Do super heroes have teddy bears? Why, yes, they do!

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Review: It’s a pretty good story, about a brother and kid sister having adventures with their bears, playing pretend over the course of some days, asking the important questions like if heroes always have to do the dishes. (Spoiler, sadly they do, haha). The whole book is done in a rhyming question and answer format which I think works real well here, along with the whimsical drawings. While the main character is the little boy, I do appreciate that a lot of the adventures include either his little sister, his big sister, or sometimes the whole family, so this is great for boys and girls, especially ones into super heroes and of course, teddy bears.

As I mentioned above, the drawings were whimsical, and reminded me of a newspaper comic strip. I really loved the details, with what the other stuffed animals or characters were up to in the background.

It has a nice message about how anyone can be a hero in their own ways, and of course is rather entertaining.

Cover: Nice image of the two siblings and the super bear! Shows off the illustrations style within. Not too fond of the Microsoft Word like font design of the title. It kinda works, giving it a very kiddy feel but I just think it could do with a slight revision.

Rating:Four Stars

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