~Review~ The Initiation of Phoebe by Regina Green


phoebe  Title: The Initiation of Phoebe
 Author: Regina Green
 Publisher: Amazon
 Source: NetGalley
 Format: EBook, ~84 pages

Rural England, 1882. A wealthy and powerful young aristocrat, Jacob, Lord Burlington, his faithful coachman, Ben, and lovely Phoebe, the inexperienced daughter of the village’s public-house proprietor, embark on a new and highly erotic relationship behind the very private walls of Burling Abbey. They are joined by Mrs. Hendrick, the uninhibited cook, who initiates Phoebe into lesbian lovemaking… and enjoys sharing her with Jake. But bonds are fragile, and strong passions have been aroused that will leave Jake, Ben, and Phoebe facing an uncertain future.

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Review: Set in the late 1800s, the story’s supposed to be about the introduction to the more carnal world for a young woman. Instead, it’s mostly about an older gentleman’s thirst for the sensuous and his younger but faithful coachman’s love for his master. Poor Phoebe gets caught in between the two men realizing that it’s always been more about sex, and sharing women between them. They’re not the only players of course, as the only other resident in the master’s manner is an older woman who is their cook.

Phoebe falls easily for not only the master, but his servants too, and they her. The only problem is that while the master cares for her well-being, soon loses interest in her sexually. So he sets up a meeting with an old pair of lovers, hoping that they’ll take her in.

What I really did enjoy was the alternating point of views, luckily done via separate chapters than simple paragraph breaks, and close attention to the language of the times. All the characters were pretty relatable and the sexual encounters were very lovely and hot to read even with the old style language. There’s plenty here, from sexual encounters between two men, to two women, and brief mentions of threesomes. There was one bit that bothered me, and is a good warning to others who can be quite squicked, though luckily it’s never written in detail. And that’s (view spoiler).

It was a quite enjoyable read overall, and I wished there was more, as there could’ve been a lot done in this little world the author set up. The relationship between the two main male protagonists was heartwarming and sexy, and I enjoyed Phoebe’s curiosity and enthusiasm for everything and everyone. Too bad, the book ended abruptly, with a few minor twists that were more random than anything, and left me wanting, but not in the good kind of way.

Thank you to the publisher via NetGalley for a copy of this book!

Cover: The bright blue against the silky red of the background’s hard on the eyes, and also, for being a historical story, obviously the lingerie’s all wrong. A bit of an eyesore. But luckily, the summary was enough to make me want to actually check this story out.

Rating:Four Stars

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