Spellbounder. One who continually is enchanted and can provide enchantment to others. 

This spellbounder is most commonly known as Diana Moon. She has various other aliases when needed but will always answer to Diana or Di. Born, raised, and has lived all 34 years of her life in good ole San Francisco, though she does like to travel be it via modern transportation or magically into the world of stories.

Still trying to find her way in the world, she’s currently working on her first visual novel and narrative games. Ever since she learned how to read and write, she has been doing just that. So when she isn’t writing, she reads. There nearly isn’t a genre she won’t read or be willing to try out from YA to Steampunk to Sci-Fi to Fantasy to Chick Lit and more.

But it does not stop there, as even the stories of the visual entice her from comic books to art books to short animations, inspiring her sometimes to pick up a writing or drawing instrument and seeing what comes out.

There are a few caveats to being a spellbounder: the need to walk into any bookstore they encounter, distraction of new stories, and wanting to share with the world their discoveries old and new or their own stories.”

What to Expect:

  • Book Reviews (of various genres)
    • Some may be of recently published books (new-views) or coming soon (pre-views). Or they may even be of older books (re-views) that are being read for the first or second time.
    • Various formats including audiobooks will be sometimes reviewed along with or instead of the visual version.
  • Cover Reviews
    • Writer and artist at heart, will review book covers and analyze when possible.
    • Any possible NSFW art will be put under a cut and warned ahead of time.
  • Comic Book & Graphic Novel Reviews
    • Because it combines both my love of visual and written art
  • Various Genres & Themes
    • This could mean one day, a Steampunk YA; the next, a Historical Romance; the next, LGBT Erotica; or even after that, non-fiction.
  • News or Commentary of Related Works
    • Books to Movies, Movie Novelizations, Books to Games or TV, Book Trailers, or discussions going ’round the web.

Hopefully in the future, there shall be guest bloggers, author/artist interviews, giveaways, and more!


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