• Au: Author/Writer
  • Ar: Artist
  • B: Book Title
  • S: Series Title
  • Type: Themes or sub-genres most likely to be found within the book.
  • !New-View: Book Review of a recently released title, within the first three months.
  • !Re-View: Book Review of not-so-recently released titles. May be my first time reading it or a re-read for review.
  • !Pre-View: Book Review of a soon-to-be released titled. Generally within weeks before publication date.


Five Stars: Completely Spellbound. Practically read it in one go. Would gift this to friends.

Four Stars:  Utterly enchanting or thought provoking. Hard to put down. Would recommend to most.

Three Stars:  Real good read. Nice breaks during the day. Would talk about with others.

Two Stars:  Understand the appeal. Easy to put down. Would suggest borrowing from library first.

One Star:  Disenchanted. Hard to finish, but needed closure. Would express my dislike if asked.

No Stars:  Couldn’t even finish it to give a full review. May still appeal to others but not my cup o’ tea.


2 thoughts on “Lexicon

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