Review Policy

My Review Policy:

I will always try to be as fair as possible in my reviews, listing both what I liked and didn’t like about it. I will also always disclose how I’ve obtained what I’m reviewing, whether it was a friend loan, self bought, or freely received. If I happen to receive a book that’s yet to be published, I will try my best to have a review up within a reasonable time-frame before the publishing date. All reviews will include: Cover Image if applicable, publishing information, links to purchase if available,  source, summary, my views, and a final rating.

Thank you so much for your interest in being reviewed on my blog. Please know that I do not review exclusively for new or upcoming books, as I would like to promote older books that I have loved for a long time. Most likely, my availability to receive books to review can vary, so there’s a chance I will decline due to lack of time, and not because of lack of interest in your or your client’s book.

Feel free to contact me via any method listed on my Contact page.

Interests & Disinterests:

While I may review various genres and themes on any given day, I’m not always actively looking out for certain types. A few will just happen to catch my eye in a bookstore or online or was recommended to me. Below are what will most likely have me happily say “Yes, please!” or what would make me politely decline. Note, I can accept any format: audiobook, ebook, paper & hard backs.


  • Global: Although also listed below in some, if your story has either LGBT people/relationships or focuses on characters of color (my bias would be Latino/as as I am one), I will gladly read and review if I am able to at the time.
  • Steampunk. From anthologies, to new series, to YA to creative historical retellings.
    • Bulletproof: If protagonist is a person of color or if the setting is away from standard Victorian London.
    • Exception: At the moment, not interested in heterosexual erotica of this genre. LGBT is fine, however.
  • Cyberpunk, or related. YA or Adult.
  • Fairy tale Retellings. Preferably Adult.
    • Bulletproof: If protagonist is a person of color, or non-European cultural setting.
    • Exception: Modern day YA. Or Adult fiction where the primary focus is romance.
  • Geekdom books. Fiction or Non-Fiction.
    • Bulletproof: Star Trek. Female-focused books.
    • Exception: Star Wars, while I don’t hate the franchise, I’m a Trekkie at heart.
      • Exception to the Exception: New Star Wars centering on Poe, Finn, or other new characters of color, I’d be interested in reading & reviewing.
  • Paranormal or Urban Fantasy. Most any sub-genre.
    • Bulletproof: Gritty or dealing with something other than Vampires or Werewolves.
    • Exception: If there’s more romance than plot.


  • Pure Romance Books.
  • Overtly Religious Books.
  • Modern day YA. Though I will review ones from my youth.
  • Self Published or Vanity Press.
  • Regular Erotica. In general, they aren’t a priority for me.
  • Memoirs
  • Out of  Order Series Books
    • Exception: If I’ve already bought the previous books and reviewed.
  • Horror, haven’t been in the mood of late.

Where my reviews may also end up at:

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